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Naviprojects LLC is a US based company that promotes education through children books and animated cartoons. The company also promotes different entertaining activities.

Naviprojects LLC is currently working on the project “It’s All About Congo” and Navi Tanga book club.

Meeting the Mountain Gorilla

Children books

If you are living in Europe, you can order from Africa vivre for a faster delivery.

Our Podcast

Écoutez le 7ème épisode du podcast It’s All About Congo
Liziba ya Mayele: Source de connaissance pour les enfants a Kinshasa, RDC. (French)

To celebrate one year anniversary of Meeting The Okapi, few activities are available to download for FREE!

Please watch the video of Meeting the Okapi and Meeting the Bonobo on Good PA!

Download our mobile app and learn more interesting facts about the Congolese wildlife by playing our interactive quiz game

Do you live in DRC or want to order for your family in DRC? Please contact +243824085031.

Click here to visit the website of our representative in the Democratic Republic of Congo, C-NaviCE.

Our Partners

Naviprojects supports Bana, a network of libraries for children in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Libraries M’wina ( Yaoundé)

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Éditions Clé

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Find our books in the following libraries

Bibliothèque de Paix de Panzi , Bukavu, Sud-Kivu, RDC

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Uhuru Knowledge Center, Nyiragongo, Nord-Kivu, RDC

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La bibliothèque Liziba ya Mayele

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