C-Navice launch in Kinshasa, DRC

Navi Center for Culture and Education, the nonprofit branch of Naviprojects, officially launched its activities on June 16, 2021, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The ceremony took place in the Père Boka room in the presence of the heads of various literary organizations, representatives of the ministries of primary, secondary, and technical education, and nongovernmental organizations.

During this ceremony, the representative of C-Navice, Jessica Ilondo Kanumubadi, the technical adviser, Fleury Dala, as well as the consultant of Naviprojects, Sylvie Munanga, presented in turn the various projects undertaken by Naviprojects, the parent company based in the USA.

These include the presentation of the children’s book “Meeting the okapi,” as well as the activity books, as part of Naviprojects’ first project, “It’s all about Congo.”

The message of the education program officer at Okapi Conservation Project, Jean Paul Mmonga, encouraged the translation of the children’s book, “Meeting the Okapi,” into Lingala and Swahili  in order to raise children’s awareness of the protection of the Okapi, an endemic species found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the wild. The message was also broadcast during the ceremony.

Other projects, such as the presentation of the soundtracks of the 3D animations and the second children’s book, “Meet the Bonobo,” were also presented to the public.

A question and answer session followed, where the public had the opportunity to ask questions, give suggestions, and encourage the team to promote the book in the DRC.

The choice of the date, June 16, was not random. It corresponds to the celebration of the Day of the African Child.

C-Navices’ mission is to distribute children’s books across the DRC and support various actions to encourage children to read, as well as to learn about and love the DRC.

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