Picture credit : Laesh

The book was in the spotlight from October 29 to 31, 2021 at the Place des Artistes à Victoire in Kinshasa, DRC.

It was a golden opportunity for authors and publishers to present and sell their books to people who attended this great book festival.

The children’s book “Meeting the Okapi” was also sold there thanks to our partner, Laesh, a bookstore that delivers sold books in Kinshasa.

This is the first big exposure of this children’s book which has been available for sale since June 16, 2021.

Prizes were also awarded to the winner of the 4th edition of the Zamenga Price during this book festival.

This event was indeed a good opportunity to remind young people to read.

Several activities including the baptism of books and round tables were on the program.

It should be noted that the children’s book “Meeting the Okapi” is available in English and French.

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